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What to Expect from Our Producer Masterclass

In 12 exciting weeks, sales producers will learn how to accomplish their production goals, averaging double digits in revenues monthly with the least bit of stress. In sales, strategy and corresponding action are more important than force. That is why we have put together a solid course for sales producers, guiding them to new grounds in their prospect interaction processes.

This dynamic training presents simplified logic and instructions on building rapport, discovering prospects’ pain points and budgets, and building their proposals to fit the prospect so that these objectives unite to fulfill the ultimate goal of winning new accounts.

This Premier Strategy Box special course combines comprehensive coursework, live instruction, and tactical interactive role-play sessions. To facilitate this program also, we have included features that will help participants challenge one another onto increased high-level sales mastery using competition to drive development.

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Achieve Quantum Leaps in Your Business Sales

We have designed our Masterclass to renew your governance over your sales process so your strategies can help you close more sales in little time. Using high-level sales psychology research that you won't find anywhere else, we will equip you with surefire techniques on how to:

  • Create Ideal Client profiles

  • Prospect with confidence

  • Have a defined and winning sales process

  • Uncover pain

  • Generate amazing proposals that win

  • Ask for the Sale

  • Obtain Referrals

Drive Increased Product Sales Organically

At Premier Strategy Box, we know the winning strategy and hand you award-winning sales formulas straight from the heart to help scale your sales. We also believe that business or organizational profit should be a natural consequence of identifying the company's purpose.

Exceed Your Previous Sales with New Business Revenue

Navigate your way from marketing to sales with our exceptional and exciting front-end principles for your sales cycle. Premier Strategy Box is coming to you with 20 years of experience in innovative sales development devices that help you identify, connect with and qualify your leads. Say goodbye to sales frustration and disappointing results now and forever.

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