The revenue playbook to drive organic growth for your agency

“We’re more than ready to grow, but how do we maximize our revenue growth potential?”

If you’re an agency asking this question, you’re in the right place. We have the proven revenue framework you need to make your vision for agency growth a reality.


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Transform your core revenue workflows

We’ll help you optimize and modernize your agency’s five critical revenue operations – what we call “Insurance RevOps” – processes, so you can fully align your marketing, sales, and service teams to maximize your growth potential.

What is Insurance RevOps?

Insurance RevOps is our proprietary, end-to-end process for driving organic revenue growth, from the moment when a prospect realizes they require your services, to when you close their deal, through their entire lifecycle as a client, including renewal

Through the adoption of  Insurance RevOps at your agency, you’ll maximize your revenue potential and achieve full-funnel accountability through the alignment of your agency workflows, people, and technology.


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New Business

From generating leads and prospecting, through to quoting and proposals, learn how to close high quality sales faster.

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Reimagine your new customer onboarding with automation of client communication and in-house staff tasks.

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Reduce client churn and keep your agency healthy with automation-powered renewal processes and client segmentation.

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Customer Service

Increase organic growth with impeccable service, smart upselling, cross-selling, referral, and social review strategies.

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Convert lost sales and churned customers with proven strategies, automated approaches, and clear communication.

Jason Trent - Premier Strategy Box
“Premier Strategy Box has helped us become the agency we need to be. Mick and his team have been there and helped us on so many levels – teaching my leadership team, helping us organize a true sales team, helping with our financials, and more. He’ll also stand there alongside you as your partner and your head coach if and when you need to make the sometimes challenging decisions that come with a true commitment to growth.”
Jason M. Trent
CEO, Guidelight Insurance

90-Day RevOps Program Roadmap

Transforming Client Engagement and Renewal

The 90-Day RevOps Program Roadmap focuses on transforming client engagement and renewal processes. It equips participants with the necessary skills and tools to enhance client interactions and streamline renewal strategies. This involves learning to tier clients effectively, optimize renewal processes, and acquire new business. Participants will also improve their sales processes, redesign customer onboarding, and develop strategies for re-engaging lost clients. A significant emphasis is placed on utilizing automation and technology for these purposes. The program concludes with a thorough review of these strategies, measuring their success against key performance indicators and paving the way for continuous operational improvements and sustainable growth.

Month 1:

Client Tiering and Renewal Process

Objective: Establish a robust client tiering system and optimize the renewal process for your organization.

Focus: Addressing the common pain point of client segmentation and renewal inefficiencies. This month is dedicated to implementing a robust client tiering system, enabling agencies to prioritize their efforts more effectively. Simultaneously, we refine the renewal process, ensuring a streamlined, customer-centric approach that reduces churn and enhances client satisfaction.

Month 2:

New Business Acquisition and Customer Onboarding

Objective: Streamline the process of acquiring new business and enhance the efficiency of customer onboarding.

Focus: Tackling challenges in expanding client base and integrating new customers. In this phase, we concentrate on effective strategies for new business acquisition, including targeted marketing and sales tactics. Parallelly, the program emphasizes an optimized onboarding process for new customers, setting a solid foundation for long-term relationships and reducing early churn.

Month 3:

Win-Back Strategy and Program Review

Objective: Develop a successful win-back strategy for lost customers and review overall program achievements.

Focus: Focusing on re-engaging lost clients and solidifying overall program learning. This final month is crucial for implementing a win-back strategy, addressing the pain point of lost business. It involves reaching out to former clients with personalized approaches. Additionally, we review and reinforce the program's overall strategies and learnings, ensuring sustainable growth and operational efficiency post the 90-day mark.

Ryan Hanley - Premier Strategy Box
“If you’re a results-driven organization, you need to call Mick and his team at Premier Strategy Box. Most consulting companies do not produce results; those other guys will come in with whitepapers and some processes that are tied to nothing. Premier Strategy Box, on the other hand, will actually help you grow your agency, put scalable processes in place, and they’re simply the best at what they do. They’re only not the right fit for you if you don’t want to grow and aren’t committed to making meaningful changes in how you run your business.”
Ryan Hanley
Founder & President at Rogue Risk, LLC

RevOps CORE Program Roadmap:

A 12-Month Transformation Journey

Over 12 months, the RevOps CORE Program establishes a solid organizational culture, optimizing Revenue Operations (RevOps) processes, and planning for long-term growth. Initially, they focus on aligning the organization's culture with its vision and restructuring team dynamics. Most of the program is spent enhancing operational efficiency, integrating technology, and developing skills in RevOps areas like renewal, new business acquisition, and customer onboarding. The final phase involves reviewing these improvements, refining processes, and strategizing for continuous development and organizational success.

Phase 1:

Culture and Foundation (Months 1-2)

Objective: Establish a solid cultural foundation that aligns with the organization's vision and goals.

Focus: Establishing a strong organizational culture and foundational processes. This phase is dedicated to building a collaborative and performance-driven culture, laying the groundwork for effective agency operations.

Phase 2:

Processes, KPI's and Optimization (Months 3-8)

Objective: Systematically enhance each RevOps process, focusing on efficiency, effectiveness, and alignment with strategic goals.

Focus: In-depth analysis and refinement of agency processes. We delve into key areas like sales, marketing, and departmental functions. This phase includes KPI building, sales training, and marketing assessments, ensuring each department operates at peak efficiency.

Phase 3:

Review, Refinement, and Strategic Planning (Months 9-12)

Objective: Consolidate gains, refine processes, and establish a long-term strategy for continuous improvement.

Focus: Continuous improvement and strategic planning for sustained growth. This final phase revolves around refining processes based on insights gained, planning for the future, and implementing ongoing strategies for enhancement. It's where all learned components come together, ensuring long-term success and adaptability in a dynamic business environment.