Transform your core revenue processes

We’ll help you optimize and modernize your agency’s five critical revenue operations – what we call “RevOps” – processes, so you can fully align your marketing, sales, and service teams to maximize your growth potential.

New Business

From generating leads and prospecting, through to quoting and proposals, learn how to close high quality sales faster.



Reimagine your new customer onboarding with automation of client communication and in-house staff tasks.



Reduce client churn and keep your agency healthy with automation-powered renewal processes and client segmentation.


Customer Service

Increase organic growth with impeccable service, smart upselling, cross-selling, referral, and social review strategies.



Convert lost sales and churned customers with proven strategies, automated approaches, and clear communication.


What is Insurance RevOps?

RevOps is our proprietary, end-to-end process for driving organic revenue growth, from the moment a prospect identifies they have a need for your product (marketing), to when you close their deal (sales), through their entire lifecycle as a client and up to their renewal (customer service). 

Through the adoption of RevOps at your agency, you’ll maximize your revenue potential and achieve full-funnel accountability through the alignment of your marketing, sales, and customer service operations.

“Premier Strategy Box has helped us become the agency we need to be. Mick and his team have been there and helped us on so many levels – teaching my leadership team, helping us organize a true sales team, helping with our financials, and more. He’ll also stand there alongside you as your partner and your head coach if and when you need to make the sometimes challenging decisions that come with a true commitment to growth.”
Jason Trent - Premier Strategy Box
Jason M. Trent
CEO, Guidelight Insurance

How the RevOps program works

Your RevOps program will be structured in 60-day sprint engagements, each of which will be deeply customized to your insurance agency’s unique goals, challenges, and process requirements. Here is one of the common RevOps program roadmaps we see with our most profitable agency clients. 

Phase 1

In the first phase, we roll up our sleeves together and vet your current processes, prioritize the building of your most essential process(es) – this usually begins with the renewal process  – and we align and train your teams (Right People, Right Seats!). Also, depending on your Management System and CRM capabilities, we will build the automation of your processes.

Phase 2

In the second phase, we put a laser-focus on your agency’s most profitable revenue touchpoints with your clients. We’ll teach you how to upsell, cross-sell, as well as how to ask for agency revenue gold – client referrals. During this phase we introduce our Group Masterclass sessions for your team.

Phase 3

The third phase is all about your agency's KPIs. We work with you and your team on what you need to track, how to capture that data, and how to evaluate your reporting so you can take swift and corrective actions, as needed. This Phase includes custom Dashboards to view and measure KPI performance.

Your RevOps program timeline

Your RevOps program timeline may differ from what you see above, and that is by design. Depending on the degree of focus required on certain aspects of your business, we will work closely with you as quickly or as slowly as needed. Also, at the end of six months (three 60-day sprint phases), we’re more than happy to continue working with you and your team as your outsourced Chief Revenue Officer and really deep dive into ORGANIC Revenue Growth.



Ryan Hanley - Premier Strategy Box

Ryan Hanley

Founder & President at Rogue Risk, LLC

“If you’re a results-driven organization, you need to call Mick and his team at Premier Strategy Box. Most consulting companies do not produce results; those other guys will come in with whitepapers and some processes that are tied to nothing. 

Premier Strategy Box, on the other hand, will actually help you grow your agency, put scalable processes in place, and they’re simply the best at what they do. They’re only not the right fit for you if you don’t want to grow and aren’t committed to making meaningful changes in how you run your business.”

Insurance RevOps pricing

RevOps engagements that start with a sole focus on the renewal process before branching out traditionally start at $5,000 per 60-day phase.  This includes Client Tiering, Right People-Right Seats, Process Automation, and Training.

However, RevOps engagements in which we tackle multiple processes and projects simultaneously from the very beginning start at $7,500 60-day per phase.

The RevOps programs we develop for our clients are unique, so we encourage you to talk with us to better understand what the cost may look like for you. Keep in mind, the two factors that will have the greatest impact on your pricing are complexity and velocity – or how much work we have in front of us and how fast you want to go. 

Measurable growth is waiting for you

Let’s talk about how we can help you achieve sustainable growth for your agency and unlock your true revenue potential. We know change of any kind – even when it’s positive – isn’t easy, but we’ll be with you every step of the way.

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