An award-winning sales process that will increase your revenue

Say goodbye to disappearing prospects and frustrated sales producers, and say hello to revenue with our battle-tested insurance sales playbook – what we call “SalesOps” – which is broken down into six key phases.

Identify your Ideal Client

When you have a clear, well-defined client in mind, it becomes much easier to focus your marketing (and your sales efforts) more effectively.


Uncovering Pain

Why does anyone make a purchase? To remove pain. Learn how to go beyond the surface to solve the pain puzzle of your ideal-fit prospects.


Confirm Understanding

In this pre-close stage, you demonstrate understanding and empathy, validate your abilities to get results, ask for business, and confirm buy-in.


Permission to Move Forward

Never assume you have permission to move forward, always ask. This includes stating what’s needed and setting a presentation date.



The most powerful and effective sales presentations are actual presentations that focus on pain points – not boiler-plate carrier quote proposals. 


Final Close

To bring a sale home, ask questions, address pain points, confirm their understanding of what’s offered, and proactively solicit questions. 


“Premier Strategy Box has helped us become the agency we need to be. Mick and his team have been there and helped us on so many levels – teaching my leadership team, helping us organize a true sales team, helping with our financials, and more. He’ll also stand there alongside you as your partner and your head coach if and when you need to make the sometimes challenging decisions that come with a true commitment to growth.”
Jason Trent - Premier Strategy Box
Jason M. Trent
CEO, Guidelight Insurance

How the SalesOps program works

Your SalesOps program will be to deeply customized to your insurance agency’s unique sales goals and challenges. A typical SalesOps program begins with a 60-day bootcamp phase, which is then followed by Producer Accountability through the first year.

Sales Bootcamp (first 60 days)

First, we get to know your sales team through personality assessments, while we also collaboratively set new KPIs and standards. We also focus on pipeline development, as well as coaching and training your team on our award-winning SalesOps process.

Accountability (months 3-12)

This phase includes bimonthly sales mastermind sessions, biweekly accountability meetings, and monthly agency principal reporting on KPIs and RESULTS!!  We’ll participate in the recruitment process, as needed.

We’ll stick around for as long as you need us, however, you need us – whether that’s as an ongoing accountability partner or an outsourced VP of sales.


SalesOps program results and outcomes

Through the SalesOps program, you'll increase your visibility into your pipeline, build confidence within your sales team, and turn your sales meetings from an endless parade of confusing spreadsheets to actual accountability. 

On top of that, you’ll learn how to forecast your revenue more effectively and increase your close rates. For example, most commercial insurance agency sales producers who successfully go through our SalesOps program will produce $75,000 per year in revenue, minimum.

Ryan Hanley - Premier Strategy Box

Ryan Hanley

Founder & President at Rogue Risk, LLC

“If you’re a results-driven organization, you need to call Mick and his team at Premier Strategy Box. Most consulting companies do not produce results; those other guys will come in with whitepapers and some processes that are tied to nothing. 

Premier Strategy Box, on the other hand, will actually help you grow your agency, put scalable processes in place, and they’re simply the best at what they do. They’re only not the right fit for you if you don’t want to grow and aren’t committed to making meaningful changes in how you run your business.”

Insurance SalesOps pricing

Our SalesOps engagements typically start at $5,000 for the first 60 days, with custom monthly pricing to follow, based on the type of accountability required to help you meet your goals, on your terms. The factors that will have the greatest impact on your pricing are the size of your sales team, the complexity and depth of hands-on support you need, and how fast you want to see results.

Turn on your agency sales engine

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